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    its our responsibility to protect the Ozone layer

About Us

ProtectOzone Sustainable Livelihood Initiative (ProtectOzone) was founded in the year 2015 with the mandate to mobilize citizen consciousness in protecting the ozone layer while ensuring food security using innovative (or innoNATIVE as we say) approaches. ProtectOzone Sustainable livelihood Initiative seeks to achieve this mandate through targeted trainings, advocacy and campaigning, peer education, mentoring and the establishment of sustainable demonstration farms. ProtectOzone has successfully championed awareness raising events and developed academic resources to hone the capacity of young people to participate in combating the ozone layer’s depletion as Active Global citizens. ProtectOzone Sustainable Livelihood initiative’s approach is in line with both National policies and transnational policies. The organization is poised to ensure the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with particular focus on climate action (SDG 13), ending poverty and hunger (SDG 1 and 2), improving the quality of education (SDG 4) and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies (SDG 16). Why don’t you join us?

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We Need Support

ProtectOzone has few projects at hand – opening of 1,000 household farms across Nigeria, advocacy and campaign in Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Togo, Agric4ST project, School farms to improve malnutrition, fragile zone demonstration farms and 5,000 trees. All these will be achieved by the end of 2018. 

We have Achieved






Lifes Impacted



Thematic Areas


We carry out innovations using Local Content Initiative, an example is the Mobile Kitchen Garden, a method of reusing non-degradable environmental waste materials to fight Ozone Layer Depletion and atmosphere friendly cooking.


We select active children and youth in erosion affected areas as Environmental Ambassadors and we saddle them with the responsibility of their immediate community.

Distribution of seeds and seedlings

we distribute them to children, youths and farmers through notable associations .So far, we have distributed 55,000 seeds and 18,850 seedlings across Nigeria.

Establishment of demonstration farms

We have established 3 Eco-Friendly Demonstration Farms across 2 states of Nigeria, where we train children and youth on Eco-Friendly Farming using Sustainable Agricultural Practice.


We have trained, mentored and empowered 6,910 children, youth and farmers on various environmental centred topics and procedures.

Civic Agriculture

We facilitate community farms to foster intimacy within the communities



We are a strong Advocate of ONE World without Hunger


We influence local / grassroots agricultural policies


Our work

We have since our day 1 of existence executed several projects to promote peacefull co-existence, alleviate poverty, promote agriculture and to Protect our World, Some of the recent projects executed are below listed.

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Carrington Youth Fellows on the Field

  • protectOzone

Sustainable Vegetable Farming – Capacity Building

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Recycle Waste to Plant Seeds

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Innovative Urban Irrigation